About Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor is a Proctor-Gallagher Institute Consultant and Thinking into Results program facilitator, coaching both individuals and businesses to achieve personal and professional goals. She is also a certified Eating Psychology Coach helping individuals with concerns such as emotional eating, weight loss, and body image.  Her professional background in the corporate environment is extremely helpful in coaching business teams, executives and entrepreneurs. Sarah’s experience with process improvement, systems analysis, technical and professional training, and organizational leadership brings a diverse skill set that allows for effective understanding of business challenges and opportunities.  

She has a passion for holistic health, personal development, excellence in business and compassionate and effective leadership. Sarah believes that to live an extraordinary life and to excel both personally and professionally we must look within and strive to know and accept ourselves on a deeper level.  As we whole-heartedly pursue a path of personal development and self-exploration we begin to understand ourselves on a profound level and are better positioned to understand those around us and our world.  As we develop compassion for ourselves only then can we truly develop compassion for others.  A self-aware and compassionate person is poised to pursue excellence and to inspire excellence in others.  Self-aware and compassionate leaders are a beacon of light to the people in both their personal and professional lives.

Sarah is passionate about coaching others through the process of discovering their true selves and igniting passion in others to pursue their dreams and to achieve their biggest goals.  She has a strong desire to help others become the most magnificent, effective, and successful version of themselves.  Her vision is to inspire others to turn their dreams into reality, to make a profound difference in our world and to contribute to the evolution and growth of our collective consciousness.


Trust  ~ My inner guidance system and that of my clients

Integrity ~ In all interactions and relationships

Compassion ~ For myself, my clients and all beings

Respect ~ For everyone’s personal journey and unique gifts

Service ~ To hold a space and offer guidance for my clients to continue developing the courage to evolve for their highest and best good

Love ~ For the growth process of myself and all others

Freedom ~ To grow, evolve and to just be ourselves without apology and without hesitation

Mission Statement

Sarah Taylor provides coaching services to individuals and groups for both personal and professional development with the intent to help clients become the best version of themselves, achieve their goals, obtain sustainable results, and live the life of their dreams in a socially conscious manner.